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About us

The Sri Saii Laharri numerology and astrology centre website launched on april8th2016 by DR.SRIPATNAIK NARAAYANAA who did MBA after Bsc with dual specialization of marketing &International Marketing .Fortunately, I became a Astro-Numerologist having wide experience of 11 years. By recognizing my talent in numerology,Astrology and Vaastu, I was given lifemembership in 25th international seminar-2015 under the auspicious of Institute of vedic culture for public welfare &KRISHNA MURTI INSTITUTE OF ASTROLOGY KOLKATA AND MY REGISTERED SERIAL NO. KIA/LM/0124 . I have received a DOCTORATE on January 24th 2016 .I also feel proud to be added as a member in - vedic numerology you can watch my profile. This site belongs all facilities like numerology, astrology, vaastu, products, remedies, matrimony, pandit booking block, mantras, babynames and also special feature sweetmemories block.

The customer can enjoy with a free login and also Life Membership in android mobile. Free login customer can enjoy some fields only, after wards if he decided to become a life member he can pay through payroll option.


Contact Section

Dr. Sri Patnaik Naraayanaa MBA Astro – Numerologist
Door No: 13-9-14/5, Kaki street,
Near Kinnera Theatre
Phone: 7382118129, 9676038528, 7013170502
Andhra Pradesh - 532001